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4CyberSec is an international consulting cybersecurity business which offers risk analysis strategic solutions and digital security training programmes. 4CyberSec is based in London and also have representation in Brazil. We offer companies new methods to prevent cybersecurity-related crisis which may vary from fraud, data theft, identity theft and IP to industrial espionage, services interruption, physical damage, blackmailing, amongst others. Our company was born due to the increased need for companies to better understand the complexity of what the term Cybersecurity means in business contexts.


4CyberSec has a unique method to help companies to protect themselves and to deal with threats, offering them the most complete risk analysis reports, strategic planning such as Cyber Threat Landscape which is used to advise C-levels and management teams to make decisions such as training and bullet proofing their companies against potential risks.

When you decide to work with 4Cybersec you will be choosing to count on great specialists who are experts in solving complex problems objectively. We are an independent consulting firm and our tools are the best professionals in the current cybersecurity market.


4CyberSec 4CyberSec is supported by national and international institutions such as the University of West London, University of Bedfordshire, few armed forces across atlantic

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We offer 24/7 support to our clients! We are always ready to help companies which are going through hardship or crisis.

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In case of a cyber-attack or crisis, call our 24 hour support: (+44 2032906911). Our CyberCrisis Management team will select a team of high calibre professionals to help you immediately

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ThroughCyber Threat Landscape , a method developed by 4CyberSec, we will assess risks according to

We assess all risks controlling the main CyberSecurity norms and frameworks in order to offer a clear vision of all risks, controls needed and at what stage of development they are. This risk analysis identifies all vulnerabilities, describes them and their impact on business, prioritises them according to the type of risk posed and identifies users who didn't pass the social engineering test.

Programme Assessment

This method was created after years of experience and by using it, we are able to identify threats and cyber risks related to business. The program assessment includes frameworks and best practices which help identify strengths & weaknesses, opportunities & threats related to CyberSecurity.

Cyber Thread Emulation

Through knowledge acquired by hundreds of tests we will emulate tools, techniques and procedures used by adversaries to cause cyber harm going beyond a simple PENTEST

Cyber Kill Chain

The aim of this project is to validate the application of cyber security controls. We will go through all Cyber Kill Chain phases guaranteeing the adversary attack emulation and identifying all possible vulnerabilities in the assessed scenarios. Our method will demonstrate the possible vulnerabilities which might be used by criminals to obtain critical business information. We will illustrate what the impact of the identified vulnerabilities may cause and how they can potentially harm business

Cyber UserAwareness training - Unique approach

We offer CyberSecurity training to directors and staff.

You are your staff will understand why we all should be concerned with information security and what behaviours to adopt to protect your personal and corporate data. The training programme consists of raising awareness about the importance of adopting these cyber security measures to avoid any harm to business and to prepare staff members to act in case of a crisis or threat

Topics which will be covered during training:

  • Social Engineering
  • Passwords
  • Online safe behaviours
  • Malware
  • Phishing simulation


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ISMG Fraud and Breach Summit London

October 17-18, 2017


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Unleashing Innovation in Cyber Security 2017

19 Oct 2017

Unleashing Innovation in Cyber Security Summit 2017 View Details


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